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DOB now requires 62 Hour SST Competent People be on site at all times for all superintendent jobs. Homecore Competent people are trained in compliance as well as willing to pitch in when necessary. Homecore Competent people are well versed in the vast amount of paperwork that needs to be filled out every day. Avoid your site being shut down and issued violations due to insufficient paperwork. Best of all, no need to worry that your competent person calls out at the last second, this is when your site is most vulnerable.

Homecore’s staffing system ensures that a replacement is supplied immediately. Never have to shut your job site or start late again. Avoid costly time overruns by utilizing Homecore competent people. Sleep easy knowing that your site/investment is always in good hands. Never have the DOB shut your site again due to the competent person being out.

Site Safety

The first 3 things a DOB inspector asks for when entering the site:

The Superintendent’s daily log

The Competent Person

The Site Safety Plan

If there is no site safety plan, it is an automatic stop work order.
DOB agents have been known the take the site safety plan into their car, and nitpick until they find cause to issue violations.

Rely on the experts at Homecore to provide your site with a detailed Site Safety Plan according to code, and avoid violations or costly stop work orders.


Safety Training

First it was a 10 hour OSHA, then a 30 hour OSHA, and now as per Local Law 192 – EVERY Construction worker must have a valid 40 hour SST (Site Safety Training) Card. Separate violations of $5000 to the owner, permit holder and employer are issued for every worker that is non-compliant (while no violation is issued to the worker). DOB is constantly sending teams on sweeps to catch construction sites.

Let Homecore take care of the headache of all aspects of the safety training, from evaluating existing training & credentials to card issuance.

Safety Inspections

Do you or your site manager not have sufficient time to continually monitor for safety deficiencies? Let Homecore regularly visit your site at a frequency of your choosing to protect your site. Homecore will provide you with a timely professional report after each site inspection. Don’t let the DOB catch you with your pants down for the lastest flavor of the month violation.

Quality & Workmanship Inspections

Don’t have the time to keep an eye on the project you heavily invested in? Let Homecore step in and regularly inspect your investment for workmanship and quality issues while they can still be corrected cost effectively. Homecore will be an extra set of eyes for you- ensuring that your contractors and vendors are acting in your best interest and will keep the contactors and vendors on their toes. Hundreds of satisfied clients have depended on Homecore to avoid costly overruns or shoddy workmanship. [Testimonials? Testimonials of saved $?]

A professional report will be emailed after each inspection.
Protect your bottom line; trust Homecore

DOB Licensed Construction Superintendents

The Gold Standard, Homecore is the Brand-name in Superintendents


Protect your site from DOB violations by using the expert Licensed Construction Superintends at Homecore.

Avoid Violations

Homecore Superintends will help avoid DOT, FDNY and DOS violations.

Covid-19 Compliance

Homecore was the original industry leader in Covid-19 site compliance, guiding sites and saving thousands of dollars.


Let Homecore help you navigate and avoid DOB inspectors looking to shut down jobs


Let Homecore help navigate with the myriad of paperwork that is required by DOB for every site

Years of Experience

Homecore Superintendents are a mix of ex-DOB inspectors, engineers, and those in the construction industry for 30+ years. Let our experience guide you through your project smoothly from start to finish.

Up to Date

Homecore stays up to date on all the new DOB requirements and trends


Homecore Superintendents routinely observe issues that fall under the radar until the DOB shows up